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Graduate Course Projects

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Engineers | Carnegie Mellon University

Machine Learning and Feature Engineering for Artist Classification

  • Created a CNN Model with 7 fully connected layers. Trained it on a labelled art-artist dataset

  • Got a 13% higher accuracy when testing against shallow ML techniques for 25 artists

Planning and Decision Making | Carnegie Mellon University


Multi-Agent Planning for Search at Sea

  • Used TIGRIS planner + Trochoidal Path Solver for Multi-Agent Planning for Search Operations at Sea

  • Fed in Belief Space from one UAV into the second UAV and used it to plan paths such that they would not collide

  • Visualized these paths using RViz in a custom search map, given planning parameters such as curvature radius, start and goal pose

  • Goal: Achieving Goal State with maximum reduction in Shannon Entropy without coverage of the same area

Localization and Mapping | Carnegie Mellon University


Graph Optimization of ORB Features

  • Extracted ORB features and implemented Graph Factorization using GTSAM in Python3 and compared this against ground truth measurements

  • Used the GTSAM functions and visual odometry to match points between frames

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Computer Vision | Carnegie Mellon University


Miscellaneous Projects

  • Implemented a Lucas Kanade tracker 

  • Did spatial pyramid matching for scene classification

  • Trained a CNN to be able to read handwritten text

Linear Control Systems | Carnegie Mellon University


Unmanned Ground Vehicle Autonomous Control Implementation

  • Applied PID, LQR, EKF with SLAM, and Adaptive Control on an autonomous Tractor in Webots environment using Python with the goal of keeping the Tractor on the road with minimal offset and completing the track in the shortest time possible

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Undergraduate Course Projects

Design for Manufacturability | University of Illinois

  • Re-ideated a Yamaha R6-YZF Engine Piston to reduce complexities and manufacturing costs

  • Computed manufacturing costs using aPriori software which takes a CAD model as an input

  • Re-ideation resulted in a 7% decrease in manufacturing costs

Thermodynamics | University of Illinois

  • Constructed a miniature stirling engine using a tea-light candle to demonstrate the Stirling cycle principles

  • Objective was to lift a quarter through the Stirling Cycle 

Fluid Mechanics | University of Illinois

  • Performed fluid-mechanics calculations for a water bottle rocket, computing thrust, drag and pressure

Mechatronics | University of Illinois

  • Tuned PID balance control using MATLAB and Simulink, accomplishing optimal balance by adjusting system stability and response through state-space pole placement tuning 

  • Upgraded Segbot functionality by integrating ultrasonic sensor hardware and software in C, enabling obstacle detection

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