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Throttle Pedal

The main drivers for the throttle pedal improvement project were:

1. Increase robustness and reliability of the gas pedal

2. Improve ergonomics by incorporating driver feedback

3. Improve adjustability to pass the SAE Percy Template

4. Design for Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) compatibility

The following are some design iterations:

Past Design (2018-2019)


REDESIGN (2019-2020)

Pedal Design:

1. Pedal Bracket material was switched from Carbon Fiber to SLS for ease of manufacturing

2. The pedal is being made out of Carbon stock purchased from a supplier and is downsized by approximately 20%

3. After talking to drivers, torsion spring with greater stiffness will be used

Manufacturing Plan:

Required materials have been ordered from suppliers and engineering drawings for the bushings have been created and are attached below. 

Bolt Sizing

In the previous years, the throttle pedal involved a fixed bracket which was attached to the monocoque using DP460. However, after having problems with adjustability during the Formula SAE Lincoln 2019 competition, we made the decision to redesign the bracket and attach it to the monocoque using AN bolts.


Comparing this to the yield stress of the AN bolts, we determined that AN3 bolts would be suitable.

The safety factor was also calculated to be approximately 3. 

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