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One of the main components of the Engine subsystem is to be able to make/update engine tunes. These are done through closed-loop dynamometer testing in which certain parameters are varied and the dependent variable is recorded and curves are plotted. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) used for this purpose was the Motec M400.

Lambda Sweeps

Lambda is set as a dependent variable in these sweeps and for every throttle-position, lambda is recorded over a range of RPMs, ideally between 2000 RPM to 15000 RPM. The relation between lambda and torque can then be plotted for a particular intake-manifold with the runner lengths fixed. A data sample from a testing session is recorded below: 

lambda vs torque.PNG
Torque Curves

I also helped in the data collection for the Torque Curves, where the Torque data is plotted against RPM for a particular tune. Data was recorded in the Engine Control Unit and I was able to pull this data and process it in an excel spreadsheet. A sample of the data-set pulled from the Engine Control Unit at 60% throttle and RPM range from 2000 to 7500 RPM in addition to the ECU data at 70% throttle position is shown below:

torque curve_data.PNG
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